[Linux-aus] Promoting FOSS in Australia

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Wed Feb 25 09:23:02 UTC 2004

In message <20040224201559.GC12530 at cyber.com.au> you write:
> Stay clear of the 'political' sphere, at least publically, and concentrate
> on helping smooth out areas which prevent FOSS solutions being considered
> by government procurement people presently. Areas such as a lack of
> broadly understood risk assessment and FOSS 'product' quality assessment
> guidelines; lack of local FOSS solution providers' experience in selling
> into government; lack of 'product' marketing etc.

Just to clarify: WRT adoption, I completely agree.

However, political action is required where something comes up which
directly threatens Open Source development.

Of course, such advocacy should always be non-partisan.

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