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Kim Jones iheartyahweh at christian.net
Wed Feb 18 00:53:02 UTC 2004

This is a very important alert for all Christian parents! Please pass this 

My name is Kim Jones, and I am a member of The Concerned Christians Cult 
Awareness Alliance.  I would like to say here and now that we are not a 
bunch of fussy old hens that think every new heavy metal act is a tool of 
Satan. We focus exclusively on organized and deliberate plots to turn our 
children against their Heavenly Father. 

In the mid-nineties we became aware of a group called The Order of the 
Hidden Path (OHP). At the time this group was headquartered in suburban 
Philadelphia. The stated aim of this group is to “aid seekers in their 
quest for esoteric knowledge.” This translates into "help teenagers learn 
about and convert to Wicca, Satanism, and other Neo-Pagan religions." The 
founder and leader of this Cult, know only as R.E.P. (a.k.a. agent156), is 
a professed follower of Aleister Crowley! 

This group is known to have actively sought out young Christians to 
undermine their Faith. They advocate drug use, orgiastic/homosexual 
activity, body piercing, scarification, branding and other perversions 
associated with the hardcore “Goth” lifestyle that their senior membership 
is obsessed with.

They seemed to have disappeared after riot in Devon, PA, witch was rumored 
to have been started by one of its members. But this evening one of the 
members of our group (Dr. Hienlen) found a reference to the OHP on a newly 
created web sight (http://3ameternal.topcities.com/). This page appears to 
have been created by the founder of the OHP to promote an inter-net radio 
show that will begin broadcasting thursdays at midnight CST. On this page 
he brags about his successes, “now you can’t throw a rock without hitting a 
neo-pagan”.  And compares his founding of the OHP with Lucifer’s rebellion 
against God. Most importantly this page states “all dormant agents are to 
report to the Grand Counsel immediately.”

This is truly disturbing, the membership of this group has had years to 
regroup and build resources. At the time they went dormant they where known 
to have skilled computer experts, authors, musicians, and graphic artists 
on their “Grand Counsel.” They planed to use these talented individuals to 
start a national media campaign to seduce God-fearing youth into following 
the path of Satan.

Please, I urge you, discuss the dangers of this group and others like them 
with your children. Make sure they understand that these people use all 
manner of tricks to hide their true intentions. In person they seem like 
harmless bohemians. They specifically seek out attractive artists and 
intellectuals to be trained as recruiters. 

The following is from a letter I received just after the Devon incident:

“My daughter had always been different, she like to paint and write 
poetry, she always kept to her self and never had many friends. So I was 
very excited when she brought home two other teenagers for diner one night. 
They seemed a little odd, but they where very smart and so polite. One 
discussed the reformation and other Christian subjects with my husband for 
hours. He had the letters OHP on his notebook. I asked what it meant. He 
said it had something to do with a poetry group.

Later that year, just after she turned 18, my daughter disappeared. I 
found some emails she had printed in her bedroom. They told me what the OHP 
was really about! 

She finally called me a year later from France. She told me in a very 
proud voice that she had be come a prostitute and was using heroin.”

Do not underestimate this threat! Discuss this cult with your children. 
And forward this email to every Christian parent you know.

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