[Linux-aus] Go Canberra! (Open Letter to Darl from Nathan Hand)

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Tue Feb 17 00:05:02 UTC 2004


    Over the past 12 months The SCO Group's lawsuit against IBM
    has spilled over into new territory. What was initially a
    contract dispute between IBM and The SCO Group has now
    mutated into a war of words between The SCO Group and the
    Linux community. I am tired of the conflict and I propose a
    truce; a way forward for both our organisations.

    Here are our terms of the truce:

  * We fully recognise your right to defend your IP. We ask that
    you recognise our right to defend our IP. This means obeying
    the terms of our licenses. You must stop distributing Linux,
    Samba and GCC unless you are willing to agree to the terms
    of our General Public License (GPL).

  * [...]

Cheers; Leon

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