[Linux-aus] Media Contact and FOSS education

Marco Ostini m.ostini at uq.edu.au
Fri Feb 13 13:45:28 UTC 2004


> > > I think it should be a general "rule" that anyone whose name/face shows up
> > > as spokesperson for Linux Australia in this context should stay out of the
> > > limelight personally. Just to be sure.
> >
> > And I would strongly recommend that the media officer resist painting bright
> > red concentric circles on the buttocks and forehead, as Leon has done in
> > recent weeks. The colour does suit him so well, though. ;-)
> You formulated the issue so much clearer. Thank you! ;-)

It's *because* Leon is already active in the media and handy with making
things bright and easy to understand for the media that I'm strongly
recommending him.

I suspect there should also be other candidates and a selection process,
but I seriously would hope to see Leon as one of those candidates.

This is a man, who is of the Community, yet knows his way around the media.

And whoever the media officer is anyway will have the LA Media committee
to temper any significant issues they will be involved in.

1 Media Officer + 4 on LA Media Committee = dynamic stability. (Best of
both worlds)

If there are better candidates, and that's a possibility, would people
please nominate them, instead of having a go at an obvious candidate.

However, I nominate Leon.


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