[Linux-aus] bright red circles

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Fri Feb 13 11:16:02 UTC 2004

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004 10:20, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> And I would strongly recommend that the media officer resist painting
> bright red concentric circles on the buttocks and forehead, as Leon
> has done in recent weeks.

I strongly suspect that they won't bite until I push them into it (which 
is still two or three steps into the process). There are many skeletons 
in their closet and they won't want a judge poking about there, and nor 
will they want news of an individual Linux user suing *them* (it might 
set a bad precedent) bruited about, and finally, they won't want to be 
seen as stirring up the little guys.

However, if they're feeling suicidal (to quote my favourite RMN 
admiral), "then let's be about it". >:-E (smiley with bared teeth)

To summarise:

 * They don't own System V;

 * They certainly down't won any derivatives such as AIX or Dynix;

 * Neither UnixWare nor OpenServer would be much chop without the
   System V code inside it;

 * As I understand it, Novell can effectively fire them as a dealer of
   System V and any derivatives, thus requiring them to remove the
   System V code from their products;

 * They're severely annoying Novell, who are now pushing back;

 * They're annoying their IBM-trial judge, who is just as likely as not
   to kick the chocks out from under the whole show;

 * They haven't shown any System V code in Linux, and their efforts
   with Dynix so far are pathetic;

 * With the exception of Laura "gee the walls are soft in here aren't
   they" Didio, even journos who used to be their friends are starting
   to laugh at them (analyst? I fart in her general direction);

 * Their only obvious remaining supporter is Microsoft; so

 * They're unlikely to want to rock any boats, or more particularly
   have anyone *else* rock boats, which is exactly what I'm starting
   to do;

 * The safest strategy for them at this point is to act dumb, say as
   little as possible, and hope I get bored and go away. So much for
   the theory.

Cheers; Leon

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