[Linux-aus] Re: Never mind the MyDoom crap, make some noise about this!

Cameron Simpson cs at zip.com.au
Tue Feb 10 11:14:01 UTC 2004

On 22:59 09 Feb 2004, Anthony Towns <aj at azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:
| On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 08:26:29PM +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:
| > On Mon, 9 Feb 2004 18:01, Anthony Towns wrote:
| > > I don't know what (a)'s about. Could be important, could be trivial.
| > End of any remaining sovreignty.
| *shrug* That's not Linux Australia's fight.

Well, it makes the second word in LA superfluous.

| > > (b)'s disappointing, but I don't think it affects Linux or Open
| > > Source at all.
| > They can clamp your FOSS project with essentially no evidence.
| If they've got the same terms as the US does, it requires ISPs to take
| down websites if they're violating copyright;

No. It requires ISPs to take stuff down if someone _claims_ that the site's
violating copyright. Yes, this is preemptive.

| that doesn't have any
| particular relevance to open source software, since we don't violate
| copyright.

You must have missed the SCO case. Isn't this EXACTLY what SCO have been
asserting about Linux itself for the past, oh, year?

| > > (c)'s disappointing at first glance, although the "public interest
| > > exception" could be interesting.
| > DMCA.au
| ...was passed in 1999 as the Digital Agenda act. Circumvention devices
| (read: open source DVD players) have been illegal since it came into
| force.

Yep, the the sole review of the exemptions in the US, late last year, was an
utter farce. You expect anything better here?

| > > (d)'s disappointing, but is negligibly different to just retaining
| > > the current term, which is effectively infinite anyway.
| > We need it to go the other way in order to be reasonable. 
| *shrug* It'd be nice, but it's not going to happen any time soon.

Apathy's nice and comfortable, isn't it?

Cameron Simpson <cs at zip.com.au> DoD#743

The mark must be robust enough to survive MP3 transmission over the Internet,
but remain inaudible when played on the yet to be launched DVD-Audio players.
- the SDMI audio watermarkers literally ask for the impossible, since all
  audio compressors aim to pass _only_ human perceptible data

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