[Linux-aus] WIPO internet treaties (was something else)

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Tue Feb 10 09:05:01 UTC 2004


> online. The first, known as the anti-circumvention
> provision, tackles the problem of hacking:
> it requires countries to provide adequate legal
> protection and effective remedies against the
> circumvention of technological measures (such as
> encryption) used by rightholders to protect their
> rights when their creations are disseminated on
> the Internet. The second type of technological
> adjunct safeguards the reliability and integrity of
> the online marketplace by requiring countries to
> prohibit the deliberate alteration or deletion of
> electronic rights management information: ..."

If I recall, the US used to and possibly still does, consider anything
stronger than single DES as "a weapon"...this isn't quite a correct literal
rendering of what the law in the US says but it essentially went "anything
above [this degree of strength] encryption was a military weapon". That
would of course make the US military, well, illegal.

This won't have an effect. Seeing that the only way you could force the US
military to back down or not be legal is to have a minor/major war with it
[AND skynet hasn't been built yet] we're a bit stuffed.


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