[Linux-aus] Media Officer Now

Marco Ostini m.ostini at uq.edu.au
Mon Feb 9 09:04:01 UTC 2004

> "Traditional" media liason requires absolute, no holds barred CONSISTENCY in presentation
> of the viewpoint being put forward. There is no leeway on that, and I am sure most would
> be able to quote examples of where the required consistency has failed. The strong
> "singular" line, when broken is a wonderful thing for the media because it gives them an
> opportunity to explore opposing tensions in the public arena while the respondent is
> trying to create a unified response.

Amen AMEN!

Ridicule costs the media so little, and gives them so much.

The media are mostly interested in 3 second sound bites and love to
blast away things that are too technical or items they simply don't
understand. Part of the tall poppy syndrome.

How many times have you seen a current affairs show intelligently deal
with issues of Tocomac fusion reactors or nano-tech? They just don't
because it's too confusing for the average Joe Blow.

> I think what we need is a media officer and a Ministry Of Truth list 
> with three to five people on it.

In my opinion this suggestion of Leon's is by far the best. I vote Aye!

The community input is via the 'FOSS Ministry of Truth' and the media
only have to deal with one person who supplies them with *Consistent*
information, and can do the media two step when they have to contradict themselves.

MUCH better than having groups of people with subtly different opinions
giving the media a spectrum of notions and seriously confusing them, to
the point of disinterest.

We have to win the media. Love it, court it, buy it flowers and be it's
best friend. Take it to dinner, and whisper sweet nothings in it's ear.

You do that with one person, not a group.

Our strength will always be community, but the interface to the media
needs to be one person.

> Something MUST be done lest the tide of opinion starts to sway. Let's make no mistake here
> either, this issue (FOSS as a viable and strong ICT tool)is one of perception NOT fact.

Just yesterday I had yet another conversation with an IT-wannabe who's
still wet behind the ears, but knows how to copy & paste. This person
exclaimed in shock when I suggested that there was more to the OS world
than windoze. "Surely there's no alternative to Windows" was his
exclamation of fear.

This is why we need the media. To REMOVE THE FEAR. To propagate the
notion to ordinary people that yes, there IS a choice. Alternatives to
the MS monopoly DO exist. Don't FEAR the penguin.


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