[Linux-aus] A Current Affair Report on MyDoom Tonight

Robi Karp robi at fluffyspider.com.au
Wed Feb 4 05:40:48 UTC 2004

> So blatant! The slant and subtle push to demonise the word "hacker"
> leave me speechless.

This is what having a press office is about.  MS have one.  FOSS
> When stories spill over into the mainstream concerning any sort of
> computing, why is just a M$ person or partner thereof called upon to
> make comment?

Its not just mainstream computing.  That's simply the one that we're
focussed on right now.

Public causes are won and lost via media.  The group (company /
organisation) with the biggest positive media presence wins.

Microsoft have a big fat media office with a big fat media budget.  We

There is simply no one, with enough presense, representing Open Source
AS A WHOLE to call upon for comment.

That's why we need a media office.  Now.

- Robi Karp

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