[Linux-aus] 'Electronic terror' in Linux's shadow

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Tue Feb 3 12:16:01 UTC 2004

(of course, it would help a bit if Enderle didn't go out of his way to 
bait the Linux community with jaw-droppingly asinine comments...)


Industry watcher Rob Enderle no longer responds to angry e-mails from 
Linux supporters. The principal analyst for the Enderle Group (San Jose, 
Calif.) says he replied to the first thousand or so. But after that, the 
anger and profanities that many of the missives contained began to wear on 

"I've been threatened and other analysts have been threatened, as well," 
Enderle said. "Some of the e-mail is incredibly vile, and it just doesn't 
seem worth it to respond anymore. The senders view a response as a license 
to write again, in even greater detail."

Enderle's experience is part of a new phenomenon that has swept the 
upstart Linux operating system from feel- good, groundswell enthusiasm to 
an ugly environment of death threats and electronic terrorism ? from 
Woodstock to Altamont, if you will. The rising tide of emotion is 
partially rooted in the SCO Group Ltd.'s billion- dollar lawsuit against 
IBM Corp., but experts say it also reflects the changing ranks of the 
open-source faithful.
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