[Linux-aus] Re: [Osia-discuss] Microsoft's position on Linux through the years (FORBES)

Bojan Smojver bojan at rexursive.com
Fri Aug 27 09:28:14 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 07:39, Arjen Lentz wrote:

> October 2003 Ballmer: "There's nobody to hold ACCOUNTABLE for security
> issues with Linux."

Most likely true. If I may summarise for Windows:

"Nobody from Microsoft cares about security issues in Windows."

They have all the resources in the world and yet I have to run
anti-virus software (to stop annoyances like 1000 bogus messages every
day), although none of my Linux machines can get infected. If Microsoft
received the bandwidth bill for all that e-mail traffic, they would go
broke within one month.


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