[Linux-aus] Re: [Osia-discuss] cane toad on Mars

Ron Skeoch rbs at muli.com.au
Tue Aug 17 08:50:02 UTC 2004

Petr Baum wrote:

>>>>Can you actually buy a printer for linux? That is, if it doesn't work
>>>>with Linux, you can return it as "not fit for the purpose"?

Linux printers
Like mac's Postscript will always work.
We tell clients to purchase a Postscript printer Not a problem.
We find  Kyocera with postscript are value for money.
use network or direct connected
as printers hanging off windows PC's introduces many issues.

when using gostscript conversion then take your time and
look at Linux printer compatibility site.
HP were appalling (now maintain there own Linux compatibility site)
and they state some HP's do no work.
You could send the same print file to 2 differing printers
with the same driver base and get different results.

The real printing problems with Linux printing is wide area networks
and the control of print output types.
ie if I have a printer set up with cheques
the print manager should only all print jobs of cq to that printer.
Also killing of print jobs that have been passed on to
the remote print manager there is no common handle to follow the job
to deal with it.

Your comments re the cheep and nasty not working
accept the fact
Win modems are useless, must be Hays compatible.

I use PEARL portables (Actual CLEVO)
who clearly state they do not support Linux
but 15.1" P4 2.8GHz 40 GB 512 RAM DVD/CD-RW usb inc price $1850
is hard to better.

I always purchase on basis my money is returned if I cannot make it work
There latest release 17" NO go yet.
so we will hang off until Libranet release their 2.6 then try again.

Even with servers our supplier provides his normal builds
and accepts we may need to change component's now and again due to
Linux issues.

We need to keep asking for Linux compatible hardware to make
the buyers understand there is a market but not get uptight!
Things are way better than they were.

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