[Linux-aus] LCA2004 CD and DVDs

Michael Davies michael at msdavies.net
Tue Aug 10 19:20:02 UTC 2004

Hi all,

The Linux.Conf.Au 2004 CD and DVD are about to be burnt and shipped out
(finally!), so if you attended the conference in Adelaide, and you've
changed your postal address since you registered, please feel free to
send your updated address to:

    lca2004-address-change at msdavies.net

Including your name, or sending it from the email account you registered
with, or including your customer number (from the invoice you were
originally emailed) will help us determine if it's really you.

We'll be finalising the mail merge data RSN as we want to get this into
your hands, so act quick!  If you miss out, details will soon appear on
how you can download isos.

Share and Enjoy!


P.S. LCA2005 in Canberra is just 35 weeks away!  Visit
http://linux.conf.au regularly to see what's happening.  And make sure
you book holidays for April 18-23 in 2005!

P.P.S. I'd just like to offer my apology for the lateness in the
conference DVD and CD.  We had not a few technical and non-technical
difficulties, but we're sure you are going to be happy with the result. 
Many hours by Ryan Verner and Jason King have resulted in a top notch
product - capturing the fun of LCA2004!

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