[Linux-aus] Great analysis of CxO-level grokkage of "Open Source"

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Thu Apr 15 16:40:01 UTC 2004


Good stuff in here, particularly for various tentacles of LA. :-)

  'While it was too early to tell whether open source software was "better"
  than closed source software at the moment in terms of quality and
  security, "I have a feeling that the association of open source with open
  standards has real merit," McCabe said.

  'Because there were many more developers in a broad community contributing
  to the development of open source software, he said, "it seems likely to
  me to be more open in the interfaces between itself and other software and
  adaptable in integration and communication.

  '"At the moment, among senior decision-makers, this is not really high on
  the radar, issues of cost and dependency are, but adherence to open
  standards has the potential to be a strong driver," he said.'


- Jeff

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