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i'll be skipping an (incredibly boring) lecture to catch this talk,
although is only for people at monash, I'd be welcome to raise any
questions or points anybody here has.

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> Seminar 
> Development Models and Intellectual Property: Are Openess and
> Commercialization Compatible? 
> Speaker 
> Jason Matusow 
> Program Manager, Shared Source Initiative, Microsoft Corp.
> Date 
> Tuesday, 23 September 2003 
> Time 
> 11:00 am 
> Venue 
> Room 135, Computer Science Building (26), Clayton Campus 
> Seminar Abstract 
> The open source software development model has been part of the software
> ecosystem for 30 years. This development model has increasingly moved
> into commercial use and is now affecting the business practices of most
> major commercial software producers. Jason Matusow, Microsoft's Shared
> Source Manager, will examine the broader effects of OSS and the
> implications of its long-term trend towards commercialization. Matusow
> will also disucss how Microsoft is learning from OSS and why Microsoft
> is sharing source code with customers, partners, academics and
> governments worldwide under the Shared Source Initiative. 
> About The Speaker 
> As program manager of the Shared Source Initiative at Microsoft Corp.,
> Jason Matusow is responsible for working with internal and external
> constituencies to coordinate Microsoft's global source licensing
> strategy. The Shared Source Initiative has established the company-wide
> policy and framework regarding the sharing of Microsoft's most valuable
> intellectual property assets including Windows, CE and .NET
> technologies. Matusow also consults with governments, corporations,
> academics and analysts globally on software intellectual property
> issues. 
> Since joining Microsoft in 1996, Matusow has worked in a variety of
> positions including serving as a network infrastructure technical
> specialist, working with Microsoft's enterprise customers on design and
> deployment issues. He was also the founding member of the Microsoft Year
> 2000 core team, spearheading company Y2K efforts and representing
> Microsoft's Y2K strategy and preparedness to governments and
> corporations globally. 
> Before joining Microsoft, Matusow founded his own PC and networking
> business and led the network consulting group for a Microsoft Solution
> Provider. Matusow is a graduate of Boston University. 
> School Contact 
> Professor Christine Mingins 
> (cmingins at csse.monash.edu.au) 
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