[Linux-aus] [link] Open source helps education effort in ThirdWorld

Jason Stokes jstok at bluedog.apana.org.au
Tue Sep 16 02:21:03 UTC 2003

Arjen Lentz wrote:
> >From my angle -working for a commercial Open Source vendor- we make
> money and we grow well, like a healthy company. It does not hurt to sell
> software products (much) cheaper in appropriate situations, it's only
> virtual bits, not steel nuts & bolts. Actually, I did the same with my
> own shareware over 10 years ago.... so nothing new, really ;-)

I can easily envisage Microsoft licensing software at super-cheap prices
specifically for the African market, driving out open source
alternatives.  The price can be raised later, after the IT economy of
these countries develops and after dependence on Microsoft
infrastructure is certain.  It could even be promoted as a progressive,
charitable act: "Microsoft makes software affordable in third world!"

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