[Linux-aus] Microsoft Office 2003 lock-in via DRM

Arjen Lentz arjen at mysql.com
Tue Sep 9 09:41:02 UTC 2003

Hi Les, all,

A friend of mine suggested the following a few weeks ago, and it seems
quite elegant: add some GPG hooks into OpenOffice (for instance),
similar to what's already been done in various e-mail programs.

When saving a file, you'd be able to sign documents with your own
private key, as well as select which recipients are able to load it
(encrypt the pwd with their public key).
When loading a protected file, check whether any local private key is

Granted, it's not as elaborate as MS' DRM - particularly the ability to
allow specific options similar to PDF. But simplicity is an asset, too.
This would work anywhere, on any system. Very open.

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