[Linux-aus] Malaysia to "get ahead of its neighbours" in IT through OSS

Jon maddog Hall maddog at li.org
Mon Sep 1 10:10:01 UTC 2003


I may have been misunderstood about the issue of "focus".  While I have been
over here I have read at least one newspaper per day, sometimes two.  It is
interesting that their Prime Minister has appeared at least once, if not twice
a day in articles generated from corporate visits giving the same messages:

	o we have come a long way
	o we have a lot to be proud of
	o we still have a way to go
	o work, work, work
	o make sure all Malaysian people benefit

If George Bush worried this much about the economy and equality for all, the
US economy might be doing a lot better than it has been.

Secondly, and as a side-light of this, close to fifty percent of the people
I encountered in the IT industry here were female.  And quite a few of them
were in positions of management, as well as in technical positions.  The
newspapers reported that 70% of the people graduating from college were
women, and the Malaysian government was struggling with how to get it down
to an even 50-50 ratio.

Maybe we should study the Malaysian culture more, to figure out how they
inspire so many women to enter the IT industry.

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