[Linux-aus] Re: Re: Price of LCA2004 Audio Mini-Conference only?

Matthew Williams mw01 at wilber.pointclark.net
Mon Oct 27 01:27:03 UTC 2003

Gday Gday,
I have no problems registering myself for 6 whole days of the 2004 Linux conference however it is a different story for my friend. He writes his own music on a Cubase/Windows setup and I've been trying to "educate"(read advocacy) him about Linux and its many features and benefits for audio work. After lending him "The Book Of Linux Music & Sound" <http://linux-sound.org/> his interest definetly increased.

When I mentioned to him that there will be a Linux Audio Mini-Conference at the 2004 Linux Conference Australia he said he would come down and suss this Linux thing out a bit more and have a yarn to the people who are already doing audio work within Linux. He isn't interested in the whole Linux conference, just the Audio Mini-Conference. What should he do? Should he register for one of the other Mini-Conferences and rock up to the Audio Mini-Conference anyway?
Matthew Williams

Michael Davies <michael at msdavies.net> writes...
> <quote who="Matthew Williams">
> > Gday Gday,
> > ["That'll be because there is no Audio Mini-Conference registration
> > only. The  miniconf-only registrations are for IPv6, educationaLinux,
> > and OSS in  Goverment."]
> > So what does one do if one wishes to only attend the 1 day Audio
> > Mini-Conference?
> Register for all of Linux.Conf.Au 2004 and come to 6 days of glorious
> Linux and open-source!
> Live life and code lots!
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