[Linux-aus] Friend looking for contacts in the OpenH323 project

godel godel at i12.com
Wed Oct 8 04:24:04 UTC 2003


Thanks for this. Chris was simply passing on my request for contacts
because I needed an intro to a member of the OpenH323 development team
for work reasons. I knew that OpenH323 had strong Australian connections
and because both Chris and Con Zymaris (who I also contacted) are Oz
based I presumed upon their friendship in the hope that I could get a
quick view of who best to contact.

As it happens, Craig and I have now made contact so my laziness paid off


On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 16:20, Peter Nixon wrote:
> Quoting Chris Samuel <chris at csamuel.org>:
> > An old friend of mine, Mick Morgan, from the UK is looking for contacts
> > in the 
> > OpenH323 project - Con has already helpfully provided a lead to Craig 
> > Southeren, but anyone know anyone else ?
> I'm not quite sure why he would be asking this, the people involved can be
> plainly seen by looking at the archives of the OpenH323-devel mailing list.
> Craig is generally pretty busy, so any questions should go to the list, he or
> Derek or Robert will reply as they see fit.
> What information is he after anyway? (Note: I use OpenH323 in some projects, I
> am not one of the developers of the protocol stack)
> Cheers
> Peter Nixon
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