[Linux-aus] Ninth Edition -LinMagAu

Kimberly Shelt kim at linmagau.org
Sun Nov 2 08:58:01 UTC 2003

Hello all,

Our ninth edition .. :)

This month lots of new things..

We launch a National Mail List Archive, 
searchable via specific group or over the entire country!

A "Global News" section.
A departure from strictly "local people - local content"
giving (Ozzie s)a taste of the other flavours across the world..

Media Center - starting to catalogue all the other groups,
LinMagAu does a little "unofficial" PR for :)

Again there may be some errors.. building the search engine and list archive
took a lot of time... Send a "fixit" report if you see any problems :)

So the issue in full.. 
Software and Apps
 Debian Package Caching: Updating Multiple Machines 
 Distro Day Revisited - Gentoo wins ? 
 Libranet - 2.7 Classic EditionDistro Review 
 Running Java Apps Reliably under Linux 
 Multibooting 101 
 Guide: rsync, ssh & cron (as backup tools) 

Other Features
 Interview - Jon (maddog) Hall -Linux and (FOSS) 
 Open Source in Israel 
 Linux on a Psion 
 Book Review - Building Internet Firewalls 
 Intervew - Patrick Yee - R&D Team Leader ebXML 
 EVACS - Electronic voting and counting system 

Tips and Tricks
 Hard linked files 
 Colourful prompt 
 The Gimp - autocrop/Shortcuts 
 Partitions for a single-user 
 Gentoo -gcc 

 Darlug Installfest a "success" (NT) 
 LUG focus - GLUG(NSW) 
 No more AOL CDs 
 LinuxChix in Brazil 
 Cyberlodge - Labour movement to OpenSource(OS) 

(New Sections)
 National Mail List Archive
 Global News 
 Media Center 

Conferences & Events
 Open Source in Government Conference - OGC 
 Global Education Initiative Open Office 
 International PHP Meetup Day 
 Computing and Philosophy Conference(ACT) 
 Telecommunications Consumer Consultation 
Ideation and Fun
 Two Mice in XFree86 3.3.x 
 MS Office 2003 vs Open Source 
 FUN - The rain in Spam ? 
 Random Gatherings 
 To spam or not to spam 
 Caveat emptor! 
 Novell & Linux ? 
 A different approach - SPAM 

 Where in the world is Onno (now) 
 Connecting the Future '03 
 LCA2004 -FIXIT 
 Linux Australia 

We hope you are continuing to enjoy the mag.. and look forward to more of you coming
forwarded and writing for us.. or even sending us links or hints on who we can chase up :)

Next months issue might well come from somewhere a little further inland.. :)

Kimberly Shelt

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