[Linux-aus] Bret Busby

Mark J Gaynor mark at mjg.id.au
Fri Mar 14 17:40:01 UTC 2003

Hi all,

All this crap about spam and Brett, reminds me of a problem on another list 
many moons ago, back in the dark ages when bandwidth was a real issue and 
still is to some extent.

The complaint was about the amount of traffic a particular list was 
creating on a system, and the load it was placing on the overall network.
It started all so very innocently enough by a comment about a subject (not 
relevant) as Brett has and the resulting chaos was as a result of everyone 
weighing in and making comment.

The first round is fine, however, the more times you go round the loop the 
more the original point gets clouded and people digress from the original 
point. Chaos ensues and everyone on the list gets annoyed to say the least. 
The nett result is lots of traffic about nothing in particular, just lots 
of traffic on the network and server.

My comment, yes I said comment, is that after the first round you all are 
just as bad at perpetrating the chaos as was the originator of the thread. 
I'm not taking sides here, just saying that if you all continue the way you 
are the problem will only get worse. If you all stop commenting at the 
stupid comment about the even more stupid comment someone made, the problem 
would be solved.

We all have a responsibility to control our comments. What everyone needs 
to think about is it constructive or just a comment to annoy/stir others. 
The reason why people leave lists is amount of non-constructive crap that 
appears in their mail box, aka junk mail aka spam.

I think that everyone in the thread needs to get a life and just not just 
Brett. Just stop commenting on this crap and it will go away because no one 
is responding.

Top marks to Brett for baiting the hook and hauling you all in, hook, line 
and sinker.

After bringing this to the notice of the long ago list, and everyone 
stopped commenting on crap; surprise surprise, the congestion went away and 
everyone live happily ever after. (A true story from the packet radio past. 
Yes, I'm also a Amateur Radio Operator.)

Please see that you are all as bad as the other in the thread. Just stop.

The future is in your hands.


BTW: This email will not become another thread as I have said my piece. 

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