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Stewart Smith stewartsmith at mac.com
Fri Mar 14 16:10:02 UTC 2003

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I am going to now speak in my role of Vice President of Linux Australia 
and my views should be taken as my own, not that of the entire 
committee as I have not explicitly discussed all of this with them. I 
am CCing the mail to them, just as I feel this should summarize what's 
been happening and what is a sensible view of the world.

Spam: It happens, get over it.
The list is open for a reason: to create an open forum for discussion 
where anyone can post. It means that to ask a simple question, or to 
find out some info, people don't have to subscribe and put up with VERY 
off topic discussions (like what's been taking up the bandwidth 
Ways of helping avoiding spam have been already mentioned. Some does 
slip through, and there are spam prevention experts wanting these 
messages so they can improve their spam detection software.

If you don't like the policy of the list (as set by the admin), then 
don't be on it.

Committee Policy: Just because Pia doesn't get involved with every 
thread on every list doesn't mean the committee doesn't care/have an 
interest. Nobody has the time for getting that involved and still do 
anything constructive. We have an interest in LA working well. We have 
an interest in our members. The majority seem to be happy with the 
current list policy, so it stays. At least one person has POLITELY 
asked me about bringing up a spam solution to the committee, and 
although I'm not personally in favor of the idea, I will bring it to 
the committee's attention, as this fulfills my duty as representing the 

Language: This varies greatly from list-to-list (and forum-to-forum and 
irc channel-to-channel). Personally, I would like to see this list kept 
as polite and welcoming as possible. I usually try to keep to this, but 
I am a self confessed compulsive swearer. I know I don't mean to offend 
(and if I do, then please inform me that you weren't comfortable with 
it and I'll endeavor to change my language usage in the future).

Bret: If your aim is to get people not to like you, then you're doing 
the right thing. It has gotten to the stage where previously rather 
quiet people are posting about not liking your posts. This is insane. 
Learn when to stop and get some net-etiquette. The fact that some 
members have asked that you be removed from the list is not a good 
sign, and I do hope that this does not become necessary to keep 
linux-aus a welcoming place.

This is my 2c worth and I hope I have expressed myself clearly and 
given a balanced view of the world.

I would *really* like the discussion on spam to the list to STOP NOW! I 
cannot think of anything more that could be said that hasn't been said 
already (in several ways and by several people). Again, I thank all of 
those people who have been reasonable and constructive in their posts.

I say again, this is not necessarily the view of the entire committee, 
this is simply coming from my mouth (fingers?) as the Vice President.

thank you for your time,
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