[Linux-aus] Mail Lists vs Bulletin Boards

Tom Swann tom.swann at jcu.edu.au
Thu Mar 13 21:22:02 UTC 2003

Hi Folks

There has been a lot of e-mails flying back and forth about some subjects where 
there is obviously some on going disagreement between members.

These threads seem to take over and other posters just don't bother. I know 
I've posted the odd technical question in the past, and received help. But I 
chose not to while all this flack has been happening.

I wonder if we might not be better off with a web based bulletin board, eg 
vBulletin http://www.vbulletin.com/ or something similar.

Then there could be a number of things happening at once, all in their own 
area, and members could choose whether to get involved or not. We could require 
all who wanted to post to sign up, and so on.

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