[Linux-aus] Linux Australia - Organisation

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Thu Mar 13 21:15:01 UTC 2003


> This is the last message on this list that talks about spam on this 
> list.

I had a teacher whose name I have forgotten but he once said to me "He
who says the only way or the last is at best foolhardy if not a fool". I
tend to agree with him.

> I'm going to pull whatever rank I hold and put a stop to the
> discussion.

And just what rank do you have? Leaders who do not "pull rank" are the
ones who are most loved and followed.

> Some people have been fair and even handed, others just idiots.

Perhaps, but I wouldn't call these people "idiots". They sound
frustrated at a seeming lack of response - others more eloquent than me
have indicated they might have been a tad impatient.

> I'm all for open discussion - I'm also for constructive discussion.

Really? You've said there shall be no more talk about that subject there
shall be no more talk about. Had you not said there shall be no more
talk about it I would discuss it openly with you.

> This thread has run it's course and is now officially over.

Is it?

> Anyone who disagrees can mail me and try to convince me otherwise, but
> you're more likely just to become the recipient of all my spam.

No, I shall simply watch from afar and counsel those who
might listen that attempting to direct the masses by the power of your
voice takes more than simply a position in an organisation and then
perhaps the most ill-defined position in an organisation of them all.

> A thank you to all those who have been constructive in this discussion

A just question? Would you thank yourself?


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