[Linux-aus] Spam Happens

Gary Allpike spice at spice.net.au
Wed Mar 12 12:39:01 UTC 2003


For Gods sake man, get over it - SPAM DOES HAPPEN!!

Spamassasin *is* running on the linux.org.au system - some slips

Is it really worth wasting all this time, effort and brain power over
something that is as easy to get rid of as hitting the delete key?

The problem with closing the list is it creates an administrative load
for someone to monitor all posts to the list to ensure that relevant
posts DO get through.

The other alternative is to remove yourself from the list entirely -
perhaps this is the best option?



Gary Allpike

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On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, David Lloyd wrote:

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> The answer is abjectly simple. Just close the mailing list to
> non-subscribers. Do I really, really have to make a request to the
> committee to get this done?
> I think I might...I just love beureacracies...
> _______________________________________________

Due to the lack of response about this, from the committee or the 
president, it appears that the committee and therefore the organisation,

endorses the use of the list for spamming.

We have already seen response from the committee (note the citing of 
committee membership in the person's signature, hence the inference that

what the person said, was on behalf of the committee), indicating 
disregard for the concerns of subscribers, about the use of the list 
for spamming, and, disregard for the concerns of subscribers, regarding 
the allowance of posting to the list by non-subscribers.

It appears that the official stance is, "Who cares? You are not a 
committee member, so your opinions do not matter.".

Bret Busby
West Australia

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