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Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Thu Mar 6 23:21:01 UTC 2003


    Let me say that again for those of you that missed it - it has been
    months since I used Microsoft. I consider myself to have "made the
    switch." Not out of costs reasons - I can afford to buy Microsoft's
    software and I don't think it is unreasonably priced. Not for
    philosophical reasons - I don't particularly like their business
    tactics, but I like a government interfering with free commerce even
    less. I didn't switch because of the BSOD. Since Windows 2000 this
    hasn't been an issue for me (I still prefer 2000 over XP, but my
    video card in my laptop needs XP in a bad way, ie BSOD is still
    there). I didn't switch because I want everything free - I'll pay
    for a good product and Open Source programmers should expect to be
    paid too (see the Kroupware project for a good example). I switched
    because it worked BETTER and made me more PRODUCTIVE.

Cheers; Leon

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