[Linux-aus] FOSS marketing mistakes (was: a Reality?)

David Ruwoldt david.ruwoldt at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Mar 6 12:43:01 UTC 2003

Dear All,

Leon Brooks wrote:

>So, what aspects of Linux should we be promoting, if we're to address upper 
>management effectively but not wind up spouting froth and empty promises like 
>Cheers; Leon
That is the important question. Things I would suggest.

1) Support. Senior management like to know that if they buy something and everything goes to putty then they will be supported by a reasonable size organisation that is well regarded in the market place. This may mean a small state based company up to a large multinational depending on the size of the comapny the manger is coming from.

2) Popularity. Sounds dumb but it is true. Senior management have a little knowledge and that is  dangerous. They like to think that they are implementing the latest, greatest things. Like a directory. How many managers wanted one after Microsoft said it was good. 

3) Industry Acceptance. A hard one to get. Senior management read alot of gartner style reports and so will implement things that they see are good from those reports. Most of those reports are sponsered by the vendors and cost a lot, but they are listened to. Senior managers also talk to each other to find out what is going on "If lots of other people are doing it why aren't we?" syndrome.

4) Cost. The bottom line is always important up to a point. However if there is no support, popularity and industry acceptance then it does not matter how cheap it is Senior management will not go with it. This leads to 5.

5) Risk. All the above goes into risk analysis for products and spending money. Would you buy the big boys product that have been around for X years and other people are all buying or get some free thing that you have never heard and most people do not seem to have.

Yours sincerely

David Ruwoldt

David Ruwoldt
Team Leader, Operating Systems & Services
Information Technology Services
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