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Pia Smith pia at linux.org.au
Wed Mar 5 21:18:02 UTC 2003

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1700 hrs WST
23 January 2003

HELD AT: Linux Australia Conference 2003 (LCA, linux.conf.au)
Octagon Theatre
University of Western Australia
Perth, WA, 6009

PRESENT: Anand Kumria President, Treasurer
Gary Allpike
Robert Thomson Secretary?
Terry Dawson Committee Member?

Approximately 100 other Interested Persons attending LCA 2003.


The meeting was called to order at 1720 hrs. The agenda for the meeting
was presented as follows:

Approval of New Members
Presidents report
Review of Finances
Election of Committee members

Anand Kumria, as Past President of Linux Australia, opened the meeting
as chair.

Notice of the AGM was formally published IAW the Constitution of the
Organization by Anand Kumria by email to the previous year's Members,
and in the Conference timetable.

Prior meeting minutes
There were no prior meeting minutes available for review.


Approval of New Members
It was noted that the Committee had decided that in order to improve the
community participation in Linux Australia that all interested attendees
at LCA 2003 would be given Membership in the Organization.
Anand reported that the Committee had formally moved to this effect, and
thus all present at the meeting were notified that they were now Members
of Linux Australia, and that they were entitled to participate in the
business of the rest of the Meeting.
It was asked if anyone was taking minutes of the meeting, and Andrew
Cowie allowed that he was taking notes and volunteered to take minutes
for the remainder of the meeting.

President's Report
Anand Kumria presented his report on the past year as President.
He noted the Organization's goals, focusing on the hope that Linux
Australia would be able to improve the reach of Linux into all sectors
and especially improve acceptance of Linux in the Corporate sector.

Review of Finances
Anand noted that as the umbrella organization for the Linux Conferences
Australia, LA had benefited from the excellent job done by the previous
LCAs; as they have all been cash-flow positive, these excess funds have
flowed to LA and as a result LA's finances are in great condition. He
stated that the current bank balance was approximately $168K AUD.
Anand stated that the Organization is Incorporated in New South Wales,
and that GST registration would be required this year.

Election of Committee Members
Anand described the structure of the Linux Australia Committee as
specified in the Constitution, pointing out that it is composed of seven
members: a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three
other Ordinary Members. Anand stated that the LA Committee had conducted
regular meetings on IRC, and that the requirements for being on the
Committee were age of Majority, Membership in the Organization, and
enthusiasm for the organization's goals.
Paul “Rusty” Russell was asked to run the elections in as an impartial

ELECTION for President. Candidates:
Anand Kumria, nominated by Robert Thomson seconded by Terry Dawson
Pia Smith, nominated by Robert Thomson seconded by Leon Brooks
Each candidate gave a brief statement requesting support. The candidates
were removed, and a vote was taken.
Pia Smith was elected.
Pia took over as chair of the meeting from Anand. Elections of the
remainder of the positions on the committee took place.

ELECTION for Vice-President. Candidates:
Anand Kumria, nominated by Grant ? seconded by Leon Brooks.
Stewart Smith, self nominated, seconded by Graham ?
Leon Brooks nominated by Pia Smith seconded by Raymond Thomson
Marko Ostin nominated by ? seconded by ?
Eric Frassin? self nominated, seconded by Marc ?
Jason King nominated by ? seconded by Stuart Young
David Lloyd nominated by Ian ? seconded by Michael Davies
Leon withdrew
Anand withdrew.
Each candidate spoke to their nominations. Grant withdrew. A vote was
Stewart Smith was elected Vice President.

ELECTION for Treasurer. Candidates:
Anand Kumria, nominated by Robert Thompson, seconded by Leon Brooks
Mark Teale?, nominated by Anand Kumria
Raymond ? was nominated, but declined.
Anand asked to withdraw, but by general acclimation he was requested to
remain standing as a candidate so that his experience would continue to
be of benefit to the Committee and to help ensure continuity. He agreed
to stand. A vote was held.
Anand was elected Treasurer.

ELECTION for Secretary. Candidates:
Andrew Cowie, nominated by Grant ?, seconded by Ra?
Jamie Hermitt, nominated by Matt ? seconded by ?
A brief discussion ensued regarding the fact that the Secretary of the
Organization is the Registered Public Officer of the Company, and that
since Linux Australia is incorporated in New South Wales the Secretary
needed to be resident in that state. It turned out both candidates live
in New South Wales and so this was not a problem.
Each candidate spoke to their nominations. A vote was held.
Andrew Cowie was elected Secretary.

ELECTION of Ordinary Members of the Committee. Candidates:
Jamie Hermitt, nominated by A? seconded by Raymond ?
Hugh Blemings, nominated by Andrew Tridgell seconded by Paul Russell
Leon Brooks, nominated by ? seconded by Mark Teale?
Anthony Rumble?, nominated by ? seconded by Grant ?
Jeff Waugh, nominated by James?? seconded by Martin ?
Mark ?, ? ?
Graham Boland, ? ?
Andrew Tridgell, nominated by ? seconded by Paul Russell
David Lloyd, nominated by Ian ? by proxy
Grant? ? ?
Jason King ? ?
Each candidate spoke to their nominations. A vote was held with each
member present casting three votes and the winners being the top three.
Andrew Tridgell, Hugh Blemings and Leon Brooks were elected.

Next Meetings
Annual General Meeting of Members At the 2004 Linux Conference Australia
in Adelaide. Likely January 2004. Specific Date and Location TBC

There being no further business, the Meeting was Closed at 1840 hrs.


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