[Linux-aus] Re: [CTTE] Re: Reaction: SCO case: Australian LUGs says it's a storm in a teacup

Mary Gardiner mary at slug.org.au
Thu Jun 26 10:15:02 UTC 2003

Hi Linux Australia,

Here is part of a response we received from Sam to our mail yesterday:

On Thu, Jun 26, 2003, Sam Varghese wrote:
> On 25 Jun 2003 at 16:28, Mary Gardiner wrote:
> > Second, there remains a vast difference between stating that you did
> > not receive a reply to your email, and stating that SLUG "did not
> > bother to respond". The final paragraph of your article is a
> > misrepresentation of what took place, and unfairly portrays SLUG as
> > having ignored an inquiry that, in fact, the SLUG committee did not
> > receive.
> I assume that email which does not bounce has reached. This may be 
> a wrong assumption to make but again one goes on precedent. 
> A large number of people/organisations do not reply to requests for 
> information for their own reasons - which they are entitled to have. If 
> their role in an article is crucial, I mention that they did not care to 
> respond. Else they are left out altogether.
> You may consider the word "bother" perjorative. In the context of the 
> fact that the overall LUG reaction was to treat the SCO case as a non-
> issue, it merely conveys the impression that it is even less of a non-
> issue for SLUG.
> If you wish to send a letter to be published online, stating your point of 
> view, please do so and I will use it.

My personal opinion (I haven't consulted with the rest of SLUG's
committee on this, so it's not the committee's opinion, they may
follow-up this mail) is that this is a reasonably fair response to our
concerns with his article.

I'm going to ask the SLUG committee what they think about referring
future comment on these issues to Linux Australia. In this particular
case though, are there any statements or press releases that have been
made by Linux Australia on the SCO issue?


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