[Linux-aus] How to build a tunnel from PuTTY

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Fri Jun 20 01:57:02 UTC 2003


> That way, we get encryption that we *know* works (PPTP encryption 
> has proved constantly problematic) and a protocol that we *know* 

Can I ask how exactly it's proved constantly problematic?

When you say PPTP encryption; I'm assuming you're using Windows clients, with
poptop running on Linux (?) - it needs a bit of taming, but there'a a few
outdoor wireless links I've installed running 24/7 with pptp tunnels that
haven't been problematic at all, and believe me, the wireless links can be a
pain (dropouts, missed packets, noise), so its quite a robust test of how well
it stands up, if configured properly.

(IHMO, frees/wan > poptop in many ways - which I normally use, just that there
doesn't seem to be as many ipsec clients as there are pptp clients, so in some
instances with strange client machines its more suited.)

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