[Linux-aus] CMP confuses Gafar Lawal, Nathan Hanks (apologies to Gafar!)

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Mon Jun 16 08:27:02 UTC 2003


Quoting Barbara Darrow <bdarrow at cmp.com>:
> The quote re. 3X patches on Linux vs. Windows server should have been
> attributed to nathan hanks, not to gafar lawal.   My apologies for
> that error.

Gafar, please accept my apologies for haven taken you name in vain, 
Barbara, thanks for having the courage to admit your error (many people 
would just duck and hope). Nathan, you'll get a reworded copy of the 
second howler - aimed at the correct slanderer - shortly. Look forward 
to it, you've earned it. The rest of you have already seen it, but LWN 
will get the updated copy so they can quote it.

I feel it worth adding that I'd be surprised if no pot-smoking Dutchmen 
have contributed to the MS-Windows code-base, but like Linux there is 
quality-control in place for just such occasions. Nathan, Linux powers 
thousand-plus-node supercomputing clusters, mission-critical industrial 
controllers, has been (is being) used in Shuttle and ISS experiments 
and so on ad infinitum. It is rock solid and high powered. How does 
that square up with your obvious delusions regarding it?

Cheers; Leon

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