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Kimberly Shelt kim at linmagau.org
Thu Jun 5 21:11:02 UTC 2003

Apologies for cross posting to the folks who are on both lists..

To: linmag at plug.linux.org.au
Subject: [linmag] LinMagAu - Calendar

Greetings all..

Something new for LinMagAu readers.. :)

We now have a Australian Wide Calendar..

Listing all LUGS (that I could find via the web)
and their general meetings.. and is viewable via 
"All states ie Australia" or you can just look at your own state.

I will be working on adding other organisations over the next
few days.. Sage-AU, AUUG and similar.. suggestions are welcome.

The current "evolution" contains only the basic LUG meeting info..
although I would like to extend this to include "special events"
run by any organisation (Linux/OSS focused) and other related
"seminars, presentations and Conferences etc" as they come along.

This is in beta testing.. so let me know if it is broken.. :)

Send any suggestions via the site "Feedback link" on the site
or reply email to me direct.

Thanks for your continued support.

Kimberly Shelt
"Local content -- Local people" :)

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