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Tim Bowden wrote: 

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 Subject: [Linux-aus] Interesting take on SCO/ Canopy Group actions
 From: Tim Bowden <bowden at iinet.net.au>
 Date: Tue Jul 29 15:36:01 2003

 First thing I have seen that makes any sense in explaining why SCO is 
 making so much noise about Linux
 So, what do you do when you have no real business but your stock price 
 keeps going up? We all learned that lesson during the dot-com bubble: You 
 use that stock as currency.

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to which I add:

SCO execs dump stock

 Senior SCO executives have been dumping their personal holdings in the 
 company since June, US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings 
 have revealed. 
 Considering the company has only 13.5 million shares floating around, it 
 is conceivable that the issuance of 45 million shares at a tenth of a 
 cent each may dilute the list price somewhat. 

 If that wasn't enough to make shareholders twitch, the registration 
 statement contains other information that throws some light on SCO's 
 position in regard to options. 

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