[Linux-aus] Re: [Talk] TSG and lawyers: volunteers please

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Tue Jul 29 11:16:02 UTC 2003

<quote who="David Lloyd">

> Why doesn't some clown just ASK SCO if they need to buy a licence to run
> the Linux Kernel? In WRITING.
> *sheesh*
> Is it that difficult?

My first response to this was, "Yeah, mofos, not that hard!"

But then I realised, if someone asked SCO as a representative of a company
that relies on Linux - and it would only be useful to either party if that
were true - then SCO's answer would cause the company to be fully aware of
a potential law suit, essentially putting it on notice.

That's bad.

Whether SCO is right or not, or whether a suit is legal or not, would not be
of great concern to owners/shareholders of said company. :-)

- Jeff

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