[Linux-aus] Re: [Talk] SCO's press release about licencing Linux is online

Adam Donnison adam at saki.com.au
Thu Jul 24 10:36:01 UTC 2003

I think you will find that Section 53, para g also applies in
this case:

(g) make a false or misleading representation concerning the
  existence, exclusion or effect of any condition, warranty,
  guarantee, right or remedy.


Con Zymaris wrote:
> False or misleading representations
> A corporation shall not, in trade or commerce, in connexion with the
> supply or possible supply of goods or services or in connexion with the
> promotion by any means of the supply or use of goods or services:
>  ...
>  (f)  make a false or misleading representation concerning the need for
>  any goods or services; or
> ''
> (my thanks to David Keegel <djk at cyber.com.au>)

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