[Linux-aus] Re: Re: [Linux-aus] Minutes - 20030517 Summary (Face to Face meeting)

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Fri Jul 4 08:58:02 UTC 2003

<quote who="David Lloyd">

> Also, having an anarchic organisation makes it very difficult to work out
> what that organisation is saying. Or indeed, if it is saying or requesting
> anything.
> I'm not sure how to address this; I maintain that one can have a
> formalised organisation that still suits the anarchists.

I guess you could align LinuxSA with Linux Australia, and say that you're
all members (thus getting important formal benefits, such as insurance), but
keeping the organisation a haphazard, anarchic entity with independent
decision making powers.

Like a terrorist cell, only more polite.


- Jeff

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