[Linux-aus] Large FOSS rollouts in UK, Ireland, Italy?

Pia Smith greebo at pacific.net.au
Wed Jul 2 20:42:02 UTC 2003

Hi all,

On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 12:12, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> The location can be changed as required, but I've made a start of
> putting up a Linux rollout list at http://jon.oxer.com.au/linuxrollouts/

Wow, awesome job Jonathan :) our TWIKI may be useful, personally I'd
probably rather it was on a slick normal page so it doesn't get played
with. If you want to send me the page, I can add it to the web site. We
are still undergoing a revamp of our website, but I will temporarily put
it under the Projects section. TWIKI if you want to have a look is at

> I know there are many more that could be added (anyone have details on
> the Merril Lynch rollout?) so if anyone has corrections or something to
> add just mail me.

We should advertise the page to the LUG lists, and get people to get
their stories into you :)

Good effort!

Pia Smith <greebo at pacific.net.au>

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