[Linux-aus] DNS inside firewall.

Tom Swann tom.swann at jcu.edu.au
Sat Feb 22 20:24:02 UTC 2003

Hi Folks

I need a little advice.

I've set up a redhat7.3 server running apache inside the firewall at work, to 
provide an intranet service for staff notices etc.

We use an ADSL connection for our internet service, and make use of the ISP's 
DNS server. At present we don't have a DNS server of our own.

For staff to access the intranet web they need to use the IP address of the 
server. This causes confusion for some people.

I've never set up a DNS before and I think that perhaps I need one to resolve a 
name to an IP address for the internal server and refer all other addresses to 
the ISP's DNS.

Is my thinking right? How do I do it? A pointer to a tutorial might help.

Thanks in advance.

mailto:tom.swann at jcu.edu.au

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