[Linux-aus] women at the keyboard (was: Microsoft schmoozes)

Brent Wallis brent.w at infosynergy.com.au
Thu Feb 20 08:20:02 UTC 2003

Being cynical, and respectful to our gender partners, the decision to
send a woman is a rather pitiful move on M$ part. I think the press jock
writing the piece was trying to highlight this fact without being too

It gets more desperate as they go does it not....:)
You know, watching M$ share price in the next few months will be an
interesting exercise. 

We have several "fund manager clients" who are very nervous bout both
them and those whose fortunes rely 100% on M$....
MYOB being one....:)
What goes around comes around...:) 
2003....the year of the Penguin....


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On Thursday 20 February 2003 05:04 am, David Lloyd wrote:
> just what
> does gender have to do with? If this were, for example, someone like 
> Steve Ballmer [spelling], would we see "Microsoft's most senior male 
> exective"...I think not. And we certainly wouldn't see something like 
> "Microsoft's most senior black American executive"...

Women are still a novelty in IT, and to a lesser extent in leadership
a long history of striking counterexamples like Maggie Thatcher, Joan of
or the prophetess Deborah. Witness the similar stories on Pia when she

Cheers; Leon

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