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Brent Wallis brent.w at infosynergy.com.au
Sun Feb 16 09:32:01 UTC 2003

First let me point out that I have only just joined the list in response to an invitation to participate in the jobs database. Thanks to those who initiated this idea.
I notice that the discussion so far has been focussed on external sites that seem more suited to the task, yet others have rightly pointed out the severe "lack" of jobs on offer.
Personal experience shows that this is common in the Linux community, and I feel that there are several factors affecting this:
- Our so called "friends" in the IT recruitment industry are threatened by any attempts such as this, and so lobby their "clients" in a way which devalues the true worth of Linux and the professionals who can work with it. I am sure others willl have anecdotal evidence to back this as I do, so I won;t bore the list now. They can get away with this because there are many out there who, after a successfull desktop install, will claim they are Linux "Guru's". All it takes is one bad system and another 10 potentials are turned away from the idea of Linux full stop.
- There is a common mis-understanding in corporate Australia which associates Linux with close knit groups of poor quality hacks and within the SME market, there are many cases of fly by nighters and rip offs.
This is slowly changing of course, as each year rolls the FUD and mis-representation is being profoundly debunked because the reality (providing the technician responsible knows what they are doing) is that Linux works, and works well, with a guaranteed lower TCO. 
IT corporates support of Linux (IBM, Sun et al) has assisted us all, because their involvement has finally allowed Linux to achieve real acceptance that was not there before. From my own perspective, the meteoric rise of our "Linux enquiry rate" since November '02 corresponds almost exactly with the launch of Suns "Oracle on Linux" adds and IBMs own advertising foray in all major newspapers. 
The press is slowly taking notice as well with newspapers like the Melbourne Age regularly reporting "real" Linux success stories.
A glance at the current Linux Australia listings reveals many people and corporates who "Claim" their experience and skills as being "high", yet (using our own case as an example) Linux Australia have never checked to make sure that he claim matches the reality.
I do not claim BTW that this is LA's fault , nor do I point fingers at any other professional who has listed , this sort of issue it is common in our industry in all platforms. 
Whether or not the claims match the reality is important however, and, if that problem can be addressed somehow, then I feel there will be more of an acceptance in corporates to use what you have on offer.
This is purely on the "resume" side of what you are attempting, BTW I really don;t think that you will ever get a large number of job postings. Any large corporate will have their own methods for a start, and coporates in the SME market are more likely to search the people on offer and make their own choice after initial contact. 
Personal experience indicates that anyone who do post a job on a list like this is generally looking to fish for desperates who are willing to have a go at any price....which loops back to the problem of poor quality technicians. These sorts of corporates are really not worth the trouble. 
For my own part, I would like to offer the following ideas for debate :
- If a listing claims industry certifications and tertiary qualifications, then these should be confirmed somehow with solid evidence produced by the entity wishing to list.
- Any entity who posts should also be able to post a set of "references" through which potential clients can check the validity of claims. This allows those with the valid "experience and real knowledge" but no qualifications or certifications to participate on the same level. 
You see, it's all about matching perception with reality, anything that LA can do to bring these closer together will help. 
Brent Wallis
Information Synergy

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