[Linux-aus] Thanks for the fish!

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Thu Feb 6 22:38:01 UTC 2003


> I agree this should remain the primary focus of lca,though I have to
> admit lots of it was way over my head.  Even with keeping it 'deep &
> difficult' the numbers are going to keep going up.  If perth drew 400
> or so then 500 is not an unreasonable estimate for 04- remember it is
> closer to the big states, interest in linux growing, lca getting a
> bigger name & so on.  Putting on a less developer oriented stream is
> only going to make this worse.

Why be so negative? Let me respin that last sentence to "....is only
going to highlight the need for a user-oriented conference in

> Would it need to be two conf's?  Have a common registration, just put
> the users stream(s) in a venue not too far away from the developers
> (easy said, not so easily done).  Each morning there could be a
> 'developers' keynote and a 'users' keynote perhaps. Let people choose
> from any stream as there would inevitably be quite a bit of overlap. 
> The only problem would be opening and closing when everybody would be
> in the one venue.  Perhaps the numbers would swell to 600 or 700.

If push comes to shove we could have the keynotes at Football Park which
caters for the tens of thousands...


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