[Linux-aus] Thanks for the fish!

Robert Thomson rmt at linux.org.au
Thu Feb 6 08:53:01 UTC 2003

  (just to be difficult)

I'll move projects/calu/ to http://www.linux.org.au/conf/1999/
when I get a chance.

If we could get this last one's website archived too, it would be

Please point out any broken links (internal especially)


On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 08:11:57AM +0800, Leon Brooks uttered:
> On Thursday 06 February 2003 06:18 am, michaeld at senet.com.au wrote:
> > Michael Davies           Linux.Conf.Au Adelaide Jan 2004
> > michaeld at senet.com.au    Australia's Premier Linux Conference
> > mirky on irc             http://www.to.be.announced
> > (m)0403 854 100          Can you afford to miss it? :-)
> Daaaaad? Are we there yet?
> I am thinking that it would be useful to have lca200X.linux.org.au redirecting 
> to old confs (or serving archives of them) so that conf.linux.org.au and 
> lca200$[X+1].linux.org.au would be pretty much instantly available for the 
> succeeding crew.
> Meantime, please instantiate a page *anywhere* to get things started, then 
> replace it with a redirector when you get a real site.
> Cheers; Leon

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