[Linux-aus] Thanks for the fish!

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Thu Feb 6 08:05:12 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 11:52 pm, Tim Bowden wrote:
> As Stephen said please consider something like a 'power desktop users'
> stream as opposed to just developer streams.  Perhaps this could have
> topics like 'using advanced/ network features of X', 'X session
> management', 'shell scripting tricks', 'building firewalls'...

Yes, but... it's _supposed_ to be a technical conference, it's _supposed_ to 
be reasonably intimate (`me and 400 of my closest friends' is really pushing 
it), it's _supposed_ to have deep and difficult stuff in it, Linus did attend 
the deepest and most difficult stuff sessions at LCA2003.

One possibility, a useful one since venues get much harder to find and much 
more expensive per head when you have large numbers, is the run two 
conferences side by side in the same city at once, a technical and a 
not-so-technical (although I'm currently stuck for a non-condescending name 
for the latter, maybe `Linux OnRamp?'), and allow delegates and speakers from 
one to overflow into the other. For example, Rasmus could do a couple of 
beginner and intermediate PHP sessions in the OnRamp conf, then trot across 
to the `Deep Linux' session for some advanced PHP.

Managing that would be difficult, but I imagine that it could be done by 
starting with a large committee, working out the broad strokes of a common 
plan, then splitting the committee, each half trundling along independently, 
fitting into the framework already decided upon, and only minor liason to 
reduce conflict and duplication.

Cheers; Leon

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