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Anthony Towns aj at azure.humbug.org.au
Wed Feb 5 11:45:01 UTC 2003

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 09:49:01PM +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:
> > together, that seems like
> > it has a fair chance of making LA end up different, even if it isn't yet.
> Well, _I_ think it needs to be different anyway, and Spice gave that concept 
> his official blessing right here on this list, and a lot of the stuff Anand 
> has done is aimed at that, and Pia seems to be working on that, four opinions 
> so far, I think you might be on to something... (-:

So, this was following on to:

] >> Another risk is that if we *don't* form an effective professional
] >> network, someone else will, and then the network will likely be driven
] >> primarily by government or large-corporate interests, rather than by the
] >> OSS-style horde of individuals who are actually on the ground and at the
] >> front lines dealing with the issues that need addressing.
] > Which is one of the reasons to ensure that "we" remain the LUGs, who
] > are the OSS-style of individuals, on the ground and at the front lines...
] Is LA any different? If you want an ivory tower, you'll have to bring the 
] ivory.

So, you're now saying that you, Pia, Anand, and Spice are all in agreement
that you _do_ want to be different, then?

Seriously, you guys have two choices: sit around yourselves, make up what
you want LA to be, then see if anyone supports you; or go around the
LUGs, work out what they want things they can use LA for, work out how
to ensure that LA keeps listening to the LUGs throughout its existance
as its _first_ priority, and follow through on that.

Doing the former will work, but it'll make it much harder to get good
ideas (even the seven "best" people aren't a match for hundreds of people
simultaneouslt seeking improvements), it'll make it much harder for you to
realistically claim to represent Linux in Australia and get the political
benefits that go with that, and it'll make it more likely for other
people to start building or making use of other national representative
bodies when they find themselves dissatisfied with LA's focus.

I think it's indicative that all the board members, and board members'
SOs, that've spoken have all indicated that, as far as they're concerned,
there's already a solution to the problem: a representative sub-ctte;
and that further discussion or consultation is thus not really relevant.


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