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Bret Busby bret at busby.net
Tue Feb 4 14:16:09 UTC 2003

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, David Lloyd wrote:

> I think at least two RHCE courses/certification cycles have been dropped
> in Adelaide/South Australia due to lack of interest. 
> It struck me that seeing that lots of people are travelling to Adelaide
> in 2004 for the conference, Canberra in 2005 and wherever else
> afterwards, that holding a RHCE/SAIR/LPI/Other Training Certification
> close to the date of the conference could be useful...

Two points.

The first, is that there is a significant fifference in the fees for the 
RHCE and the RHCT, which could make the RHCT much more affordable, and 
therefore of greater interest, to more people. That could change the 
status of the interest in the certification. The RHCT is a lesser 
certifiaction, but, it appears to be a worthwhile certification, and, it 
is a step on the way.

The second, is that as I stated on either the PLUG list or the LCA list, 
it was unfortunate that Red Hat did not see fit to have a presence at 
the conference.

Red Hat has a commercial presence in Australia, but, unfortunately, it 
appears to regard Australia as being confined to the state boundaries of 

Amongst other things, one thing that may have swayed me to go to the 
conference in perth, would have been if a Red Hat mini-conference was 
held (the other would have been if a PostgreSQL mini-conference was 
held). This is not a criticism of either the conference organisers, or, 
of the PostgreSQL man who presented the tutorial. It is just that I am 
one of the "almosts", that could have been swayed by one of these 
factors, and, as I said, the conspicuous absence of Red Hat, was 

The point from that, is that, if Red Hat could not be inclined to 
attend what I understand to have been the biggest Linux Conference in 
Australia, so far, with (I think) around 400 attendees, I believe that 
there would be difficulty in getting Red Hat to organise any 
certification to coincide with a conference, on the bases that Red Hat 
did not see fit to have a presence at this conference, and as Red Hat 
has so far shown that it regards Australia as only being NSW and is 
therefore not intending to offer certification outside NSW (apart from 
the other state capital, which I believe is Melbourne).

Having said that, if other professional Linux certification providers 
could be persuaded to be provided coinciding with a conference, perhaps 
Red Hat may emerge from its shell (no pun intended) and follow suit.

However.... there is once again the issue, as raised regarding the 
issuing of LA membership at this conference; should it be only available 
for those who are able to travel to a conference, or, who are otherwise 
available to travel interstate at will?

This, I think is the issue; making the certification available in each 
state, so that the cost of the certification is not increased by travel 
costs and inconvenience.

Thus, I suggest that the Linux certification should be made available in 
at least each state capital.

Bret Busby
West Australia

"So once you do know what the question actually is,
 you'll know what the answer means."
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