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Bret Busby bret at busby.net
Tue Feb 4 13:52:02 UTC 2003

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Anthony Towns wrote:


> > SLPWA could in theory operate as a professional SIG of PLUG, but that would 
> > then involve business-disinterested people in the parent organisation making 
> > decisions for them, and PLUG being asked to endorse or work on stuff that 80% 
> > of their members don't care about. Business-oriented concerns from SLPWA 
> > would then be muted in their passage through PLUG to LA, as well.
> If you don't already have a significant overlap in membership (do you?),
> have you tried having events co-hosted with SLPWA and PLUG? A mixer,
> essentially?
> Personally, I don't see the bureacracy as being a problem. If you ignore
> it, it just goes away: instead of going via PLUG to get to LA, they can
> just talk to you and offer recommendations as the "PLUG-ProSIG"; ie,
> all the professionals in PLUG, which should (IMAO) equate to all the
> Linux professionals in Perth.

How about this, and this could apply equally to each state.

In WA, there are, I believe, three LUG's; PLUG, and Albany LUG, and, I 
think, a Bunbury, or other southwest LUG.

There is also SLPWA.

Why could there not be a LinuxWA, to which each Linux-oriented 
organisation in the state, can be affiliated, with each completely 
autonomous and independent, but, giving a united resource, that could be 
used for such purposes as lobbying the state government on state-based 
issues; the use of Linux in government departments, formal Linux 
qualifications (perhaps, the provision of RHCT certification via TAFE, 
and RHCE via universities or TAFE), lobbying the Local Government 
Association (all the shire, town and city councils) regarding Linux, 

The purpose would not be to undermine Linux Australia. It could be also 
an effective way to give state-based representation in LinuxWA; eg, the 
ordinary committee member positions, being replaced by delegates from 
state-based organisations, eg, similarly constructed Linux WA, Linux 
Viv, LinuxTas, LinuxQld, etc. That could also ensure that a state, 
rather than a particular LUG in a state (such as PLUG), or, particular 
Linux organisation in a state (such as SLPWA) has representation at 
Linux Australia.

The above comprises of two separate suggestions; the first being state 
based federations of Linux-oriented associations; the second that each 
of these organisations have delegate replacements of the current 
ordinary committee members of Linux Australia.

The two suggestions should be treated separately.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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