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Jacqueline McNally jacqueline at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Sat Feb 1 10:14:01 UTC 2003


I work in the science, engineering and electronics (inc computer hardware 
and software) areas and I frequently have the opportunity to advocate and 
promote the use of OSS including Linux.

Where I get stuck is being able to refer people to local resources, 
especially real people that are doing stuff in Australia.

This was a common thread through LCA2003 from people not participating in 
the Open Source community, but perhaps would like to avail themselves of 
putting OSS to good use. Also, it is often quoted in the media as one of 
the reasons that Linux is not getting onto the desktop; "support and 
training". Here is one that just popped up for me today:

What surprised me about this article is that the ability to collaborate in 
the Open Source community was not ranked as a reason for choosing Linux on 
the desktop. I consider that the Open Source community is currently where 
the greater amount of support and training comes from 24/7. The 
responsiveness of the various Open Source communities to their end users is 

More specifically, through the EducationaLinux mini-conf participants would 
ask the speakers and OSS contributors where do you find the people to 
implement and or integrate Linux, sys admin, help desk, and generally use 
Linux for their workplaces.

I would like to suggest that we collate the "Australian Contributions to 
the Linux movement" and "Australian Linux Vendors of Products and Services" 
pages into a new page to include Linux Australia members.

There are quite a few Linux Australia members who have not yet the 
opportunity to work full-time on Linux and work on Open Source projects in 
their spare time, or who are just starting to dip their toe in the water. I 
think it would be helpful if we were able to demonstrate the skill and 
talent that we have available in Australia in this way, so when people say 
what about, and where are the people, you can point them to a huge resource 
of all the work being conducted in Australia.

I would look forward to working with you to create and maintain this 
resource on the Linux Australia website.

Let me know what you think.

All the best
Jacqueline McNally

Community Contact, Australia/New Zealand
OpenOffice.org Marketing Project

Are you a computer angel? (www.ca.asn.au) 

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