[Linux-aus] Nomination

greebo at mydomain.com greebo at mydomain.com
Mon Dec 29 21:13:02 UTC 2003

Hi all,

Well it has been hard trying to get the connectivity required to be
productive while in China, however I am studying here :) and the rest of
the Linux Australia committee should have things well in hand.
I'd like to self-nominate for President of Linux Australia. This is
constitutionally ok (as one member can nominate any member) and I think it
is a good precedent to set. Self-nominations will still have to be
seconded of course (anyone? :)
I have been President of Linux Australia for last year only. I took on the
role with the community in mind and continue to focus on the community
needs and affairs. I don't pretend to represent the community :) but
rather wish to help create a national organisation that is useful and
relevant to the community.
Linux Australia has already done well with what is now one of the best
technical conferences world wide, no thanks to the amazing efforts of the
many LUGs who have participated! However, a national body can be useful in
many other ways. To help streamline communication with the community from
outside (such as media, government, corporate etc), to help push issues
important to the community as a whole, to help facilitate communication
and reduce duplication of effort across the country, to share facilities
somewhere central, to help shape IT policies at a national level, such as
with education and laws, to act as a support for new groups and projects
and to address the many concerns and interests across the community.
I'd like to push a precedent of transparency and committee accountability
to the community. Linux Australia is an organisation that can only be
successful if the community supports it, and so by creating true
transparency and accountability, there can be (hopefully) trust and
support. On a smaller level I also plan to lead a team to completely
redesign the LA web site (was too busy this year :)  to make it more
modular and administerable by many groups, as well as to include a
repository of talks and papers for access to all.
I'll keep it short. It has been wonderful to serve the community this last
year, and there is still a long way to go. We unknowingly inherited some
problems, such as constitution issues and such, that are now almost
completely cleared up! This will free up next years committee to really
charge ahead with Linux Australia development. I have really enjoyed
meeting several LUGs and LUG members, and will be travelling around next
year to more places. I promise I'll be there early next year AJ! I believe
that only through much improved communication can we achieve a national
body that is useful to the community as a whole. This year we had
representation from WA, VIC, NSW and ACT. I hope to see a good spread of
representation on the committee for next year, so get in and nominate
yourself :)
Everything else will be in the Presidents report in January. I will be
posted on the web site hopefully just before the AGM on January the 15th.
Thankyou everyone, and best regards,
Pia Smith

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