[Linux-aus] Linux.Conf.Au 2004 updates! (Dec 20)

Michael Davies michael at msdavies.net
Sat Dec 20 16:07:01 UTC 2003

        L i n u x . C o n f . A u   2 0 0 4   U p d a t e
                                               December 20, 2003

The Linux.Conf.Au 2004 organising Team have no time for Christmas
shopping - the Linux.Conf.Au conference starts in just over 3 weeks and
we've been busy building even more value into your conference

*** New Speakers brought out by HP

Gold Conference Sponsor, HP, has generously decided to bring out 3 extra
great speakers for Linux.Conf.Au 2004 !

- Jonathan Corbet, LWN editor, will be coming to speak on "An inside
view of changes in the 2.6 kernel".

- Matthew Wilcox, Debian contributor, will be coming to speak on "PCI:
past, present and future".

- And finally, Jeremy Allison, SAMBA team member, will be coming to
speak on something that hasn't yet been finalised (but will be well
worth hearing!)

See our website for biographies and paper abstracts....  We've already
got a pretty impressive lineup of speakers, and adding these guys will
just make it harder to decide which sessions to go to :-)

*** HP sponsoring the FIXIT sessions

While we're talking up HP, we'd like to tell you about the great prizes
they're providing for the FIXIT sessions.  If you don't know what a
FIXIT is, just have a look at our website for an explanation. 
What's exciting is that HP are providing iPAQs and wireless networking
cards for the best FIXIT sessions!  These are great little devices
(which can run Linux nicely :-) so start thinking about how you can help
out the open-source community today - see
http://lca2004.linux.org.au/fixit.cgi for more details...

*** linux.conf.au domain

The http://linux.conf.au domain is now delegated to us, and is pointing
to our front page.  Thanks to those who made this happen.

*** Act now!  Book Giveaway for new Linux.Conf.Au Registrants

In a follow-up to our discounted book deal with Dymocks (see our
website) we've now got some great door prizes for people who register
between now and the conference start...

Dymocks has generously provided several copies of:
- "Official Samba 3 HOWTO and Reference Guide", John Terpstra
- "Unix Network Programming Vol 1", Richard Stevens
- "Rapid Application Development in Mozilla", Nigel McFarlane
- "Art of Unix Programming", Eric Raymond

A copy of one of these books will be given to every 5th person that
registers and pays for a Professional-class registration between now and
conference start (until we run out of books :-)  So if you haven't done
so yet, register now (http://lca2004.linux.org.au/register/).

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